Standards and HACCP

The HACCP as such, is not a standard!

On the other hand, several countries were inspired some to create standards. Examples:

  • Danish standard DS 3027 (Management of Food Safety based on HACCP)
  • Moroccan standard Nm 08.0.002 (System of management HACCP - requirements)
  • a French booklet FD V01-006 (System HACCP: principles, basic concepts and comments)

At the international level, the ISO had published a standard, the ISO 15161:2000 (based on the ISO 9001), standard which is interested in management of quality of the foodstuffs and not in their safety. In front of the multiplication of the reference frames integrating the HACCP, and owes a real need for harmonization of the practices in a mondialized market, the ISO published in 2005 a standard, the ISO 22000, which is the integration of the HACCP in the ISO 9001.

Thus, a professional can make certify his system of security management of food based on the application of the principles of the HACCP, but the HACCP, is not a standard certifiable stricto senso. It is a method recognized and described by an international organization, the commission of the Codex Alimentarius.