The development of the HACCP

After the success gained by the HACCP at the time of the space flights, several studies based on this new concept are published in parallel by institutions however different.

First of all, the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) integrate HACCP with its recommendations for the food-preserving industry. Documents reporting the experimentation of the HACCP are published by the Main road Marine Fisheries Service and the National Food Processors Association. The NACMCF (National Advisory Commitee one Microbiological Critera for Food), internal organization of the National Academy of American Science, whose mission is to establish the microbiological specifications of food, is based on these recommendations and experiments to publish a report on the HACCP in 1989.

Moreover, WHO (the World Health Organization) publishes several reports integrating the HACCP and resting on work of Bauman during the Seventies and Eighties. It asks the ICMSF (International Commission for the Microbiological Safety of Food), group of around fifty of international experts in food microbiology, to work on the HACCP. The result of this work is a collective work published in 1988, whose points were shown by the NACMCF, and reported at a meeting of the members of Commision of the Alimentarius Codex.

It should be recalled that for this period of development of the HACCP, an international institution took more and more importance in the regulation relating to the hygiene of food. It acts of the commission of the Alimentarius Codex, resulting from a mixed program from FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) and WHO, whose role is to establish international standards and hot lines for food.

Parallel to these studies of experts and public organizations, the industrialists integrate the HACCP into their mode of production. The Nestle company, in an internal text, is interested in the HACCP from the very start of the Eighties.The ILSI, International Life Institute Science, scientific foundation create in the Thirties by the large American agroalimentary companies, start to work on the HACCP and publish a monograph in 1993 taking again the principles of the HACCP.

Thus, the characteristic of the HACCP is the existence of a coordination between a series of organizations more than of a concensus within one of them which would be the Codex.